Warranty and returns

Warranty and returns

The Hydraulic247 team will do everything it can to provide you with the right item, but it is of course possible that the item(s) you have purchased do not meet your expectations. In that case you always have the option to return the product without giving any reason and thus revoke your purchase.

- The following conditions apply to this:
- The consumer can return the purchase within 14 days of receipt of the product.
- The webshop must credit the purchase amount including the outgoing shipping costs (from the webshop to the customer) within 14 days after the moment of the return notification.
- The return shipping costs (from the consumer to the webshop) are for the account of the customer.
- The goods must be unused and undamaged and, if possible, in the original packaging.
- You can register your return via the digital form at the bottom of this page

Due to the nature of the product, some products cannot be returned within the trial period. Products that fall into this category are consumables (oils and fluids) and custom products (cylinders, hoses and power packs). Products that have been used or tested or are not provided with the original packaging will also not be accepted as a return within the trial period.

We provide a standard 12-month warranty on all products supplied by us. In most cases, the products we sell have a longer manufacturer's guarantee of 24 months. If your product fails during the warranty period, you can claim the warranty from us. We will then handle the entire guarantee process for you.

If there is a warranty request, we will resolve it according to the following procedure:- We try to solve the problem with replacement items.
- If point 1 does not provide a solution, our service engineer will repair the product in our workshop in Enschede.
- If repair is not an option, replacement will be the last option to solve the problem.

Return procedure within the warranty period

In order to process your guarantee request as quickly and efficiently as possible, we ask you kindly to follow the procedure steps below.

- To submit a guarantee request, please fill in your details, order number and complaint description in the form at the bottom of the page.
- After your guarantee request has been received, you will receive the instructions from us on how we will resolve your complaint.
- If the item is in need of repair or replacement, the product must be sent to hydrauliek24 at your expense.

Wear and tear
Many of the products supplied by us are damaged due to wear and tear. Wear and tear is relevant to the guarantee on a product. Some products require regular maintenance to keep them usable or current. Consider, for example, a combustion engine that requires periodic maintenance. So also take wear and tear into account. If it is normal for certain aspects of a product to wear out, then you cannot claim warranty unless the wear is too fast. The guarantee conditions are based on normal use. If you do not use a product in the prescribed manner and this causes the product to become defective, you are not entitled to guarantee.

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